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Manual Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Manual Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Period products are inaccessible and unreliable for many women from low income communities, as a result of a lack of innovation influenced by the menstrual taboo. 70 percent of women report they could not afford to buy sanitary napkins and so, they are tended to use home based sanitary products. Knowledge about this has not been spreader among them. On considering this our Government has organized for an awareness program about menstrual hygiene and order has passed about installation of sanitary napkin vending machine is compulsory in all educational institutions and workplaces because most of the adolescent girls drop out their studies due to lack of sanitation facilities.

This manual sanitary napkin vending machine is seems to be great benefit for young girls and women, that considered as an essential feminine hygiene product. It helps her to be in a comfort zone and no worries about her periods that can be carried out ease and stress-free too. In order to prevent her from reproductive tract infection, and skin rashes it is advised to change the napkins four to five hours once in a regular interval of time however, the flow is said to be heavy or low.

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