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Pad dispensing machine

Menstrual hygiene is necessity one to be followed during periods. Ensuring proper hygiene during menstrual cycle is the key to ease the pain which we go through. The main thing to be getting done is by changing the sanitary pads every four to six hours. Menstrual blood released from the body attracts various organisms from our bodies, which multiply warmth of the blood, and cause irritation, rashes and urinary tract infection. Menstrual hygiene plays an effective role in her reproductive health.

On ensuring the availability of the pad dispensing machine helps to improve one’s confidence likewise she can get the pad at any time depending on her need that does not require seeking for anyone. Also, prevents one from using the unhygienic materials like old rags, husk sand and ashes. Awareness must be raised among to know the importance of using hygienic sanitary products and also about menstrual hygiene. It is our fundamental obligation to provide adequate sanitation facilities. Pad dispensing machine comes out in a different capacity based on the usage of the people. Quantity of the pads can be checked through the inspection window and refilled accordingly. Access to sanitation product is a basic human right.

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