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Pads Vending Machine

Pads vending machine helps one to get sanitary pads at any time of her choice to absorb her menstrual flow. Women’s body is more vulnerable during at that time. Following good menstrual hygiene practices will be easier to come across the periods. Hence, menstrual hygiene plays a vital role in women’s reproductive health. They have to be careful when it comes to their menstrual hygiene or it could lead to a lot of complications. But still lot of women in our country, especially in rural areas still manages with pieces of cloth instead of sanitary pads. These prompts to diseases like Reproductive tract infection RTI and Vaginal infection.

These activities can be controlled by placing the pads vending machine. Through this machine one can get sanitary pads at any time. It makes their period cycle easier and stress free. It avoids getting stained from the dress and embarrassing to search for the pad in the common place. Changing the pads in a regular break is an essential to avoid rashes and infection caused by the damp pads, thus promotes menstrual hygiene in an individual. Pads vending machine is an essential female hygiene product.

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