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Sanitary Pad Destroyer

Sanitary Pad Destroyer

Sanitary pad destroyer is seems to be a much essential one that helps women to put away their menstrual wastes in the right place. Various problems have existed occurring due to the improper disposal. Sustainable waste management system has not been carried out. This machine reduces the work burden of rag pickers and makes a pathway for the pollution free environment. On realizing it Government passed the order of installing the sanitary pad destroyers in the educational institutions and hostels where there is a lack of hygiene facilities, since most of the dump the pads in the bins and flush it down in the toilets this can aggravate the place by spreading harmful bacteria and viruses that cause disease like typhoid.

This can bring under control with this machine also avoids the blockage problem in the drains. It is fully automated that works in fast progress of time, and cut-off the power once the work is completed. We must educate girls and women concerning about the sanitary pad disposal. That makes them to follow the right way, and improves menstrual hygiene. It is our prime duty to provide adequate hygienic needs. Using the sanitary pad destroyer is a small initiative to protect our planet.

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