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Pads burning machine

Pads burning machine

Menstruation is a natural biological process of womanhood. Most girls start to menstruate at the age of 10 to 15 years. Only after hitting the menstrual cycle they acquire knowledge about it. People should focus on health-related stigmas and taboos, and provide adequate education, and appropriate knowledge toward the certain matter. Because of the stigmas surrounded it denying girls from continuing with their everyday activities.

As these wastes are not disposed properly they are just thrown away in the fields that are scattered by the scavengers this spreads the germs in the air makes the surrounding unhealthy. Pad burning machine solves out these problems. In this machine the pad gets burnt and converted it into form of ash that can be disposed easily without polluting the environment. Teen girls generally flush out the napkins down the toilet as they feel embarrassed to dispose out the wastes in common due to lack of hygiene facilities which most of the educational institutions fails to meet. It creates clog in the drainage pipeline and water gets stagnated this makes the place for infectious bacteria’s to flourish in it that spreads diseases in the encompassing region and also requires a large amount to get it fixed.

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