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Sanitary napkin destroyer

Sanitary napkin destroyer

Sanitary napkins which are made up of non-biodegradable substances cannot decompose on its own that remains in the earth for about 500-800 years that pose severe environmental threats. In our country, there are about 300 million women are around age categories 15 to 54, a sanitary napkin usage of 12 percent implies that 36 million women use sanitary napkins every month. At an average usage of 12 napkins per woman per month, this would make up to 432 million soiled pads, weighs about staggering 9000 mega tonnes, enough to cover a landfill spread over 24 hectares.

These sanitary wastes can be deposited at the right place is through sanitary napkin destroyer. People must aware of the effects that are caused due to improper disposal. We can prevent this at our homes by segregating blood stained menstrual waste from the household wastes, and drop it in the sanitary napkin destroyer. This machine would be a savior to the rag pickers. Here, the napkins are converted in the form of ash where it does not cause pollution in the atmosphere. By which it helps to keep our surrounding region clean. It is widely used in schools, colleges, hostels, apartments, and hospitals.

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