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Pad Dispenser Machine

Periods is said to be known as vaginal bleeding that every female will be undergoing for in a regular cycle of twenty-eight days. However, the exact date and flow are not always consistent. Because of the periods that cannot be predicted exactly. So carrying the napkins with her all-time is not possible. Hence, pad dispenser machine is a timely help to one who come across her menstrual cycle all of a sudden. Seeking for a napkin in common is seems to be embarrassing for her. With the help of this machine it can be avoided.

This machine works simple i.e., just by inserting the coin into it. It comes out in both manual and automatic types. Manual type machine does not require electricity to work. Automatic pad dispenser machine works with the help of electric power and also have a battery backup to function. It has been advised to change the pads for every four to five hours to avoid serious infections like TSS. Pad dispenser machine avoids one from using unhygienic products and raises menstrual hygiene in an individual. It is our fundamental right to provide basic hygiene facilities for her to pursue with her dreams.

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