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Sanitary pad disposal machine for home

Sanitary pad disposal machine for home

Menstruation is a normal biological process. Stigma and hindrance around periods harm women and girls every day. In many parts of the world women during menstruation are considered impure. This affects her social and mental health. The main issue faced by women on menstrual cycle is during the disposal of sanitary pads. A safe and hygienic way disposal method has not been followed. At home most of the women dump the sanitary pads in the bins this emits foul smell and creates embarrassed visuals too.

The damp sanitary pad makes a place for infectious bacteria like staphylococcus. Normally on an average a single woman can generate up to 125 kg of non-biodegradable waste through her menstruating years alone. Just think of the consequences if these total wastes are accumulated in the landfills, it would cover a huge area. A perfect initiative to dispose the used sanitary pads be through sanitary pad disposal machine for home which is the most required one because women feel shy to discard their menstrual waste out. This machine converts the pads in the form of sterile ash which don’t cause pollution in the surrounding. Personal hygiene starts in home. We must make ourselves safe and our planet too.

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