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Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine

Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine

Self-hygiene is much essential for an individual. It is much more important during menstruation required to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Hygiene is not only meant just cleaning our body but an immense care is needed in the time of periods. In general women are more vulnerable through her menstrual cycle. She is caught by dysmenorrhea. Providing a hygienic sanitation facility will keep her in coziness that is our prime duty too. Carrying away the napkin to restroom is seems to be such a secretive trip.

Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine solves this issue through this one can acquire the napkins with effortlessness. Thus helps her to come across her periods stress free and without stain. This machine accepts coins and special tokens too it also accepts multiple coins simultaneously. Mostly young girls will drop out their chores at this time, on making the availability of this machine they can change their pads frequently based on their need which makes her to carry on her routine without any hurdles. Adolescent girls knowledge about menstrual health is poor this can even lead to other health problems. Because menstrual hygiene plays an effective role in her reproductive health.

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