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Incinerator for Sanitary Pads

Incinerator for Sanitary Pads

When we discuss the topic menstruation it also hits about the disposal of it too. Most of the young girls in rural area none of them is not aware of the correct way to dispose it. They feel hard during those days because of no proper sanitation facilities, so they drop out their school. It has been a barrier for them to pursue her dreams. Commonly, the pads are dumped in the bins and transferring it to the garbage collectors. Those damp pads are a place for disease causing microbes to grow at an excessive rate. Hereby, the rag pickers who segregate the wastes are easily influenced by these microbes and affected to disease like typhoid.

To prevent this activities pad incinerator is the wise choice. The incinerator for sanitary pads cut down the improper disposal of menstrual waste. In this machine pads are getting incinerated at a particular temperature likewise does not pollute the environment helps to keep the surrounding area clean and tidy. Incinerator for sanitary pads is widely used in school, colleges, hostels, and workplaces, public places like shopping malls, bus station, Airports, etc. This helps women and young girls to drop out their menstrual wastes properly.

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