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Sanitary pads burning machine

Sanitary pads burning machine

Disposal of sanitary pads is seems to be a growing issue in the current scenario. There is no proper waste management system has been carried out in our country. Most of the women follow improper disposal methods during discarding of menstrual waste. As they are not aware about the consequences this will lead to. In the present situation no labour has been there to clean up these wastes.

When the pads are thrown away in the landfills. They make a breeding place for infectious bacteria’s to flourish in it. Blood present in the damp pad where the microbes develop at an exponential rate. That causes disease like typhoid in the surrounding region and also to the person who handle with these wastes too. Thus, results in absence to their work. Sanitary pads burning machine is the perfect place to discard the used sanitary pads. In this machine the pads are converted in the form of ash which doesn’t affect the environment. Thus the pads are burnt under certain degree temperature where the bacterium is destroyed accordingly. This machine helps young girls, women to deposit their menstrual waste in the right place and come across their menstrual cycle ease.

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