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Sanitary pad machine in school

Sanitary pad machine in school

Sanitary pad machine is a major factor towards the betterment of feminine hygiene in the modern society. During menstruation women face more problems accessing napkins when they require them at their current place. To overcome this critical issue, sanitary pad machine is needed to be implemented in public areas and educational institutions.

Through this machine it helps it helps women and girls to keep her in a comfort zone and relaxed, evade fear about the menstruation. It is compulsory to change the sanitary napkins in regular interval of time once four to five hours though the flow is heavy or low. Menstrual hygiene is much important in an individual which plays a vital role in her reproductive health. Lack of menstrual hygiene leads to skin rashes and infections. And, the blood present in the moist pad can create bacteria that invade our body. Self-dispensing of the pad at the drop of coin is an easy way of operation; it also accepts special tokens and multiple coins simultaneously based on customer specifications. We must make our surroundings more convenient for women by placing sanitary pad machine in school, colleges, hostels, offices, and public places like to bus station, shopping complex, air terminals.

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