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Advantages of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Advantages of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Feminine Hygiene Product

Utilization of vending machine

The vending machine is utilized by young girls and women during their menstruation. Menstruation is said to be the vaginal bleeding out from uterus consists of blood and endometrial tissues. Women would be provided with easy access to sanitary napkins across their work places, schools, colleges and public places like bus stations, airports, hospitals and shopping malls. This would not only provide easy access, but also help to empower women and create awareness about women’s health.

The good point is about this are the women who don’t have access to a good quality sanitary pads will be able to use these quality pads and they won’t have health issues, most particularly in rural areas where they found the sanitary napkins are luxurious, with the help of this machine the napkins can be avail just by dropping the coins that can be afford by all and they are not aware of the consequences that unhygienic menstrual practices will lead to. According to a recent survey only about twelve percentage of the total three hundred and fifty-five menstruating women in our country use sanitary napkins, it should be converted to a condition where that all women can get the napkins at their crucial periods. This sanitary napkin dispenser acts as a protector to young girls from getting their dress stained.

advantages of sanitary napkin vending machine

Mechanism involved in sanitary napkin vending machine

This vending machine has turned up as a feminine hygienic product. Working procedure of vending machine is simply designed where young girls can easily operate it, does not require power consumption. The sanitary napkin vending machine has come up with different storage capacity where it can be utilized based upon their needs. It can be done by just dropping a coin inside the machine, not only the coins and it also accepts special token that is exclusively designed for this machine. Automatic vending machine also accepts multiple coins at a time. Display storage capacity of the napkins containing in it.

Regularity of changing napkin is necessary in order to prevent from reproductive tract infections (RTI) which may lead to infertility this can be achieved through sanitary napkin dispensers. It highly reduces the pressure of women and girls in seeking of napkin in common. They also feel embarrassed to borrow the napkin. Guarantees comfort to the women who do not have to hesitate in times of their periods. On adding to it the Government has taken initiative in donating the napkin dispensers which promotes our nation healthy and clean too, realising the struggle they undergo during menstruation. It is convenient to pick up the pads independently, with hassle-free operations. The motive behind this machine is to promote menstrual health of women and adolescent girls which ensure to provide the sanitary napkin at any time on their need and to encourage them against using traditional methods.

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