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Incinerator for Sanitary napkins

Incinerator for Sanitary napkins

Menstruation and the taboos surrounding it are still been discussed in our country. Most of the women in our country do not aware of the proper disposal of sanitary napkins. They are simply buried in the landfills. As a single napkin is equal to four plastic bags, which are made up of non-biodegradable substances that cannot decompose on its own and break down into smaller particles. That remains in the landfills for about 500 – 800 years. It ruins the wealth of the soil and does not allow water to enter into the ground. People must know about the consequences of improper disposal.

In other hand when the napkins are dumped in the bins that emit a foul odour in the encompassing region and creates an unpleasant ambiance, also when the sanitary napkins are thrown away it gets splintered by the scavengers so there is a chance of spreading the germs in the air. By making the availability of incinerator for sanitary napkins one can easily dispose of her menstrual waste without any shy. This machine is much essential in the educational institutions because most of the girls being absence during their menstrual cycle due to lack of hygiene facilities.

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