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Sanitary Napkins Disposal

Sanitary Napkins Disposal

Sanitary napkin disposal is seemed as disgusting to handle. As these pads are disposed in a bin, another person manually separating it with their bare hands from other waste and throwing it in a heap of garbage that largely consist of medical waste and hundreds of such soiled napkins. Not, only is this manual laborer handling filthy pads, but they are also exposing themselves to pathogens and micro-organisms, while at the risk of anything between severe stomach cramps to tetanus, hepatitis, and HIV.

Addressing the issues of disposable sanitary napkins from the moment they need to be disposed of to minimizing their effects on the environment. It can be done with the help of Sanitary napkin incinerators. This help to protect the encompassing region from spreading of harmful bacteria’s. The soiled napkins can be deposited in the incinerators, that works in a speedy advance of time which converts the napkin into ash and it does not emit any harmful components in the atmosphere.

It is very easy to operate and maintain; they work automatically and destroy sanitary napkins, both scientifically and hygienically. The incinerator also comes with an auto cut-off function which will turn it off automatically after incineration of the napkins. As these are designed with the latest technologies and comes out in a compact size. That is easy to fit in the restrooms. It can be converted into portable incinerators that can be placed wherever it required. This helps women and girls to dispose their menstrual waste without any shy. It is not necessary to carry her trash till she finds a dustbin. Simply it can be disposed with the help of Sanitary napkin disposal machine. It also comes with the various capacities according to the customer’s specifications based on their need.

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