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Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in Schools

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in Schools

Why it is required at school?

Outcomes in absence of vending machine

Menstruation is a normal phenomenon unique to girls. In our country there are nearly about three hundred and fifty-five million is the number of women menstruating it is nearly about thirty per cent of Country’s population. But a recent study reveals shocking information that 71 percentages of girls had no knowledge of menstruation before their first period, and they also experience shock, fear, anxiety, guilt and frustration during menstruation. 88% of women rely on homemade equipment such as bamboo fibre, husk sand and ashes.

These practices increase the risk of reproductive tract infections and hinder the day-to-day task of a woman on her period. Promoting menstrual management is not only a sanitation matter; it is also an important step towards safeguarding the dignity. Lack of awareness makes for a major problem in country’s menstrual hygiene scenario. There are nearly 60,000 cases of cervical cancer deaths are reported every year from our Country, two-third of which are due to poor menstrual hygiene. These practices are overcome by following clean and safe menstrual methods, as sanitary napkin is easily available via sanitary pad vending machine.

sanitary napkin vending machine in schools

Why napkin vending machine at school?

In our country most of the girls drop out their studies once they attain puberty it is due to the lack of sanitation facilities, as they feel awkward to ask for a napkin in common and it creates embarrassment when their dress gets stained. As there is no proper hygienic methods to carry out in periods due to this they felt difficulty in handling it, awareness must be raised on menstrual management and hygienic practices that to be carried out in periods which have an impact in their reproductive health. The sanitary napkin vending machine is a personal hygienic product that turned out as an essential one because it makes young girls to be stress-free during menstruation, as they can pick the napkins independently and can be changed frequently based on their need. It is necessary to change the napkins regularly once four to six hours because the blood out from uterus stagnates over the pad that can emit foul odour which makes bacteria to grow from it.

The vending machine also promotes hygienic menstrual practices being followed, which makes them to continue their studies without any breaks. This machine can be easily operated just by dropping a coin into it also accepts multiple coin simultaneously to provide a napkin, does not require power supply except for an automatic model. This machine also accepts special tokens. It is our primary duty to provide hygienic sanitation facilities. The sanitary napkin dispenser machine assures women to carry away their periods without pressure and grief. As our nation’s development lies in the hands of youngsters we must help them in providing basic amenities which make them not to seek for others.

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