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Why Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Required?

Why Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Required?

Requisite of sanitary napkin dispenser

Menstruation is a normal biological process experienced by young girls and women. Yet it is not spoken wide because that causes unnecessary embarrassment and shame. Adolescent girls mostly drop out their education once they attain puberty it is due to lack of sanitation facilities that most of the educational institutions fail to meet. In such time they need a safe environment that offers protection and guidance to ensure their basic health. Every adolescent girl and woman must have awareness, knowledge and information about menstruation and how that can be safely managed with hygienic menstrual practices. Girls and women spend on average 3000 days of their lives menstruating. The menstrual cycle is based on the hormone change that may differ from month to month regular cycle so it is not convincible to carry sanitary napkins with them all -time. They feel embarrassed to ask for a pad in common. We should not make her to shy when it turned as a needy one.

The napkin dispenser machine is a required feminine product that helps them to get the napkins easily anywhere at any time. It makes them feel secured during those tough days that relief from getting their dress stained by creating awkward moment, and it also promotes to follow the safe menstrual habits that play an effective role in their reproductive health. The sanitary napkin dispenser is operated by inserting a coin or special token based on technique used in it, the capacity of the machine varies according to the usage and the napkin dispensers are highly utilized in schools, colleges, and offices, also in public places like airports and bus stations.

why sanitary napkin dispenser required

Analysis of menstrual health

Monthly cycle tracking is an additional vital sign that to know functioning of body is usual. Some variation in cycle is normal but it is happened consistently must be noticed and undergo treatment. Many of the women undergo dysmenorrhea during periods, it typically last less than three days. The pain is usually in the lower abdomen symptoms include nausea and back pain. The menstrual flow will last for about four to seven days it may be heavy or less. In normal menstrual cycle, a balance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone regulates the build-up of the lining of uterus which is shed during menstruation.

Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding can lead to other medical conditions like anemia and severe pain. A normal amount of menstrual fluid loss per period is between 5ml to 80 ml. losing over eighty millilitre is termed as heavy bleeding. Hygienic menstrual practices is essential to carry out periods without struggle, changing pad frequently is necessary to avoid yeast  infections , where it can be done with the help of vending machine which helps to pick the sanitary napkin based on their need, it is our primary responsibility to provide sanitation facilities.

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