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Sanitary Pad Vending Machine

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine

Menstruate with Pride

Health disorders due to unhygienic menstrual practices

Napkin rashes are something that the greater part of us has experienced. This happens when we wear a pad for too long. Menstrual blood is contaminated and wearing a damp pad for long is unhygienic and can lead to diseases such as skin rashes, urinary tract infection, and vaginal infection. Ideally, napkin must be changed often every six hours but if flow is said to be heavy, need to change it more often. Menstrual hygiene management differ by one’s economic status and education.

It is associated by the type of absorbent materials used and the frequency changed. Mostly in rural areas women are tend to use old rags, husk sand and even ashes to absorb menstrual blood. Because there is a lack of awareness about hygienic menstrual practices as these are influenced by sanitation facilities. It is our primary duty to provide such basic abilities. Since in most of the places there is no access to quality sanitary kit. Menstrual hygiene is not only meant cleaning the body but also make sure in using the clean and safe sanitary products.

sanitary pad vending machine

Sanitary pad vending machine – upshot to painful periods

Sanitary pad vending machine is an essential feminine product which helps them to access the napkins easily at any time. In today’s culture in most of the sector young girls and women plays a major part, as it comes to menstrual cycle they feel difficulty in handling it. Borrowing napkin is a complicate one that creates embarrassment. It can be solved by having napkin vending machine. This vending machine guarantees comfort as they can easily avail the napkins independently at any time based on their prevents from getting their dress stained as they feel awkward. The sanitary pad vending machine turned as important one as it ensures safe way to handle their monthly cycle. It is said to be necessary to change the napkins often. The vending machine is must be placed in schools, colleges, hostels and public places like airports, railway stations and shopping mall. where it isn’t required to look for others in requirement for a napkin.

This machine promotes hygienic menstrual practices as they can change pad regularly based on their flow, which plays an effective role in their health. The sanitary pad vending machine is easy to operate in speedy advance of time, is done by dropping a coin into it and turn around the knob. The capacity of vending machine varies according to the usage of people, and the number of napkins can be viewed through the inspection window. The machine also accepts special token according to user’s specification. Automatic model in vending machine also accepts multiple coins simultaneously, which also displays the napkin status it contains within. We must provide hygienic sanitation facilities to make them feel relaxed and stress free in times of menstruation.

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