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Vending machine for Sanitary napkins

Vending machine for Sanitary napkins

Based on the result of a recent research, only 12% of women in our country among 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. This reflects that how people were educated and gained knowledge about menstrual hygiene management. The lack of information and a fear about the cost had been compelled them to use unhygienic sanitary products. Using these products affect one’s reproductive system thus results in cervical cancer.

Vending machine for sanitary napkin is the ultimate solution. Through this one can avail the napkins of her choice at any time and avoids the shyness to go out and ask for a pad. Awareness must be raised among people about menstrual hygiene that makes them to use clean products, and the appropriate way of disposing. This machine helps her to feel comfortable and avoids the fear of getting stained in the dress by changing the napkins in a regular interval of time. On providing these facilities make young girls to continue their studies. The installation of this machine has largely helped in addressing the social stigma associated with menstruation. Everyone should realize the fact that menstruation is a natural and biological process.

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